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Welcome to the Brain and Spine Centers of S. Florida

Neurosurgical Consultants - Brain and Spine Center has the outstanding reputation for excellent and compassionate care. From traditional brain and spine surgery to the most latest techniques, you, the patient are always put first. Let's work together to find the best plan of care for you.

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Brain and Spine Center


South Florida

At the Brain and Spine Center our commitment to you is  –  patient centered care. We care about YOU! Our physicians have received sub specialty fellowship training. We offer conservative care and surgical management on a variety of neurological conditions of the brain and spine. We take great pride that we remain trained in the newest techniques utilizing computerized guidance and minimally invasive techniques that improve the patient experience and outcomes. We want you to have a personalized visit with us that will reassure you that you are in the right hands. ALL your care under one roof, from therapy, bracing, pain management to surgery.

Welcome to our practice, we look forward to meeting you.


Our Neuroscience Institute

When making such an important decision for your care, we want you to have the confidence that choosing us, is the right place for your care.  This is one of  biggest decisions you will make. Our Neurosurgical team makes sure you receive nothing less than leading-edge technology and science delivered by Board Certified and  renowned specialists skilled in personalizing a treatment plan for you. We are often involved in exciting clinical trials providing  you a multidisciplinary plan of care.


What are PA’s?

A physician assistant (PA) is a licensed medical professional who holds an advanced degree and is able to provide direct patient care. They work with you, the patient and the doctor diagnosing and treating you. Our PA’s assist the doctor’s in surgery, review your charts for clearance, review your records before being seen by the doctor and order testing to be done. This makes your visit with the doctor efficient so they have ALL the info needed to make the best decision for your care.


Neurosurgeon vs Orthopedic Surgeon

Most importantly there is a substantial difference in the medical training of a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgery residents spend five years performing general orthopedic surgeries (broken bones, knees, hips as well as some spine surgeries). Those that want to continue to do spine will do a one-year spine fellowship. Neurosurgery residents, spend 7 years exclusively performing brain and spine surgeries, and are very comfortable working around bone and nerves. Neurosurgeons are trained in microsurgical techniques and are capable of resolving potential complications that may arise from a complicated procedure around nerves. At the end of the day, neurosurgeons are trained specifically for operations on and around the nervous system as well as the spinal bones, and they are trained far more extensively than practically any other surgical field. Feel confident who does your surgery, stay informed.

Plan Your Visit

If you are experiencing neurological or spinal issue(s), or have recently been involved in an accident – we are here for you. To get started, contact us immediately 561-501-7445, hit 1 when the answering service comes on and request an appointment. Visit our patient center link to complete your paperwork.